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Track and field athletes of TSV Westerland successful in Bredstedt

In May, the 36th school sports festival took place in Bredstedt with the official opening of the new cinder track. More than 100 athletes took part in the well-organized event. The children up to the age of twelve completed an athletic triathlon. A quintet started for TSV Westerland, which was able to represent the island excellently.

In the age group (AK) 9, Lionel Steinbach went into the competition and finished fifth with 9.64 seconds over 50 meters, 26 meters in the ball throw and 2.82 meters in the long jump at his first sports festival. Among the ten-year-olds, Lennart Kress finished seventh (9.45 seconds over 50 meters, 28 meters ball throw and 3.02 meters long jump). Lucas Bayerlein, the best Sylt on this day, even made it onto the podium in third place (8.73 seconds over 50 meters, 31.50 meters ball throw and 3.58 meters long jump).

In the AK 11, Leo Carstensen (9.45 seconds/18 meters/2.75 meters) finished eighth and Justus Huth (8.73 seconds/28.50 meters/3.35 meters) fourth. In the final 800-meter run, the Sylt team was able to prove itself again against the competitors and ran a series of best times.

With Ramon Clarenbach, another athlete starts in the AK U20. It was also the first official competition for him. In the 100-meter sprint, he finished third with 13.21 seconds. He also finished third in the long jump with 5.16 meters and was extremely satisfied with his performance. The Sylt World Champion Sascha Schlesier also won the javelin throw competition in the AK 40 confidently, even though he remained far below his possibilities with 48.80 meters on this day.

Coach Torsten Lickfers with the successful young athletes (from left) Lionel Steinbach, Lennart Kress, Justus Huth, Lucas Bayerlein and Leo Carstensen

The athletics division is looking forward to young talent: Children up to the age of twelve are currently training on Monday from 2.30 to 4 p.m. in the Sylt Stadium. Young people from the age of twelve have the opportunity to train on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays from 6.15 to 7.45 pm.