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Westerland/Sylt e.V.

TSV Westerland


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Membership dues

Status: 05.05.2015
  • Group 1 11 €

    Children/adolescents up to 18 years of age, adults aged 18 and over in vocational training, pupils and students, persons in the Voluntary Social Year (FSJ) and in the Federal Voluntary Service (BFD) (in each case upon application and proof)

  • Group 2 15 €

    Individual members, adults aged 18 and over

  • Group 3 19 €

    Families (couples/partners including children up to the age of 18)

  • Group 4 8 €

    Individual as a passive or supporting member

  • Group 5 4 €

    Individual as a dormant member

  • Group 6 0 €

    Children up to the age of 4 are free of charge, provided that one parent is a member of TSV Westerland.

  • Group 7 12 €

    Supporting cooperative and corporate members, legal entities, corporations such as municipalities, offices, institutions, etc., and/or their legal entities such as officers, directors, managers, etc. A lump sum annual amount is set for this group of people, which is negotiated with the respective supporting member.

  • Group 8 0 €

    An exemption from contributions can be granted in individual cases. For this purpose, a written application must be submitted to the TSV Westerland office. A decision is made after examination by the TSV board with a majority decision. The exemption from contributions is reviewed annually.

Changes to the master data must be communicated to the association immediately. Each member bears the risk of personal injury and property damage from his or her activities in the association. However, the club offers insurance cover as part of the sports accident and liability insurance taken out by the Schleswig-Holstein State Sports Association. In order to make contribution payments more effective and simpler, the TSV must insist that its members make use of the SEPA direct debit scheme. For this purpose, the direct debit authorization must be signed on the registration form. If the direct debit is not honoured by the bank, a fee of € 5.00 will be charged in each case. The notice period is 4 weeks to the end of the quarter.


Membership in TSV Westerlad can always be cancelled 4 weeks to the end of the quarter. The termination must be made in writing and is only valid with a signature. The signed notice of termination must be sent to the office, this can be done by post, fax or in person. If you like, please also let us know why you cancelled. Cancellation via contact form/e-mail is not possible. Unless you scan the signed notice of termination and send it as a PDF file.