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Cardiac sports group

Training dates:


  • Turnen Herzsportgruppe 1


    Ort: Nicolai-Sporthalle, Trainerin: Ingrid Kranz-Kahle, Telefon: 04651-22323 und 04651-834498

  • Turnen Herzsportgruppe 2


    Ort: Nicolai-Sporthalle, Trainerin: Ingrid Kranz-Kahle, Telefon: 04651-22323 und 04651-834498

On cardiac sports:

Considerations for the establishment of a heart sports group on Sylt within the TSV-Westerland e.V. were already made in 1987 by the club management.

Due to the provision of the indispensable conditions for their operation, this heart group was finally able to start its work on June 22, 1989. Preconditions:

  • Training of a professionally licensed transferor
  • Recruitment of a supervising physician
  • Acquisition of technical equipment

In a letter dated 27.07.1989, the then Disabled and Disabled Sports Association Schleswig-Holstein e.V. certified to the club that all the requirements required in the overall agreement on outpatient disabled sports of 01.07.1981 were met:

  • Guidance by a trained instructor,
  • medical care
  • technical equipment (defibrillator and emergency kit)

The heart sports group is the only institution of its kind on Sylt and accordingly receives encouragement from almost all island towns.

Due to their size and the different performance characteristics of the patients, the exercise operation is carried out in two groups. The practice hours and location are highlighted in red on the page of the gymnastics division.

Today, this group is affiliated with one of over 200 recognized cardiac sports groups in Schleswig-Holstein and the Landesarbeitsgemeinschaft Herz und Kreislauf in Schleswig-Holstein e.V. (LAG).

Current Cardiac sports group News


Silke Mielck

Silke Mielck

Mobile: 0173-6074677
Private: 04651-27101


Ingrid Kranz-Kahle

Private: 04651-22323

Cardiac sports doctor:

Henning Bachmann

Phone: 04651-8891209

Three decades of sport for the heart

Nationwide, the “Stars of Sports” are awarded every year to voluntary sports clubs by the German Olympic Sports Confederation and the Volks- und Raiffeisenbanken. Second place in Schleswig-Holstein went to TSV Westerland with its heart sports group.

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