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Where’s the new streetball hoop?

The basketball and streetball players of TSV Westerland are currently fluctuating between gratitude and impatience: Although more donations than expected have been collected for the new streetball facility, they still have to throw their ball into the scuffed net of the old basket. What’s going on?

The background: Already in April, the TSV had launched the call for donations for a new streetball facility at the clubhouse in Sjipwai. The old basket is getting on in years and can hardly be used, a repair is not possible. The response was overwhelming: “We raised far more than the required 1450 euros,” says TSV chairman Hans Wilhelm Hansen. “So much so that we can use the money not only to buy a new streetball facility, but also to resurface the associated course. We would like to thank all donors for this!”

He understands well that now, four months after the call for donations, Hansen is being asked more and more frequently why the new streetball court is not yet finished. “But we have to wait for a safety report before construction,” he explains. The background: The Federal Institute for Real Estate (BImA) is the owner of the land on which the TSV clubhouse is located and is therefore also responsible for its security. All properties in their area of responsibility, especially those that are also used for overnight stays like the clubhouse, are regularly checked for fire protection and similar safety aspects. “We didn’t know at the time of the call for donations that we were planning an inspection.”

In the meantime, the property inspection has taken place. It has now become clear that there is a need for improvement at the TSV clubhouse. Where exactly and to what extent is now to be clarified by an expert opinion. “We don’t yet know whether the area of the streetball court will also be affected.” Until this is clarified exactly, the TSV board has decided, the new building should wait. “We don’t want to throw the donations out the window.” Only when the area is approved by the BImA will construction start. Hansen can’t yet say when that will be. “However, if something should stand in the way of the new building, we would contact each donor personally again.”

About streetball: Streetball, also known as street basketball, is similar to a basketball game, but in the open air instead of indoors and according to different rules. The game is usually played three against three and both teams play on the same basket. The point counting also differs from normal basketball.

Photo:  Basketball players in front of the old streetball facility. Back (from left): Coaches Kemal Yildiz, Torsten Lickfers and Lucas Nielsen