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Leni Klukas and Lennart Guetari swim district year record

On the Ascension weekend, 86 clubs with more than 1,000 swimmers from seven nations competed in the traditional Danish International Swim Cup in Esbjerg. The event took place for the 24th time this year. 15 swimmers competed for TSV Westerland in this big three-day event.

Via a preliminary heat in the morning, the fastest eight swimmers were able to qualify for the final in the evening over 26 different competition distances. Lennart Guetari (born in 2011) reached a total of five great finals. In his parade discipline butterfly, Lennart was the first swimmer of TSV Westerland to win two medals. Lennart won the bronze medal in the 25 meter butterfly and the silver medal in the 50 meter butterfly (32.33 seconds). With this performance in the final, Lennart improved the existing district year record from 2011. In the direct finals, which were also held in the morning, Lennart won the silver medal in the 100 meter individual medley and the bronze medal in the 200 meter freestyle and 200 meter individual medley.

There was another district record for eleven-year-old Leni Kluas in the 50-meter backstroke. Leni improved the old best from 1996 by almost a second and finished an excellent seventh place in her final over 50 meters backstroke. Leini also reached the finals of the 25 meter backstroke (6th place), 50 meter freestyle (6th place) and 25 meter freestyle (7th place).

Another final participation (25 meter backstroke, 6th place) was given by Vasilisa Khramkov (born in 2012). At her competition debut in Esbjerg, there were not only new best times but also remarkable placings in the 2012 class of Julius Sanders (18th place in the 50 meter breaststroke, 19th place in the 25 meter breaststroke) and Paula Ulrich (21st place in the 100 meter breaststroke).

In 2011, Ella Raspé competed in Esbjerg for the first time. Ella improved her best time in the 100m backstroke by almost four seconds and finished in a good 21st place. Also competing for the first time in Esbjerg was Frida Guetari (born in 2013). Fida swam the 50 meter breaststroke for the first time under one minute (59 seconds) and finished in a respectable 26th place in her year.

Outstanding personal bests were achieved in 2009 for Cynthia Lüpkes and Karolina Wahnes. Cynthia improved her best time in the 100 meter freestyle by more than ten seconds (01:23.86 minutes), Karolina was also able to improve her best time in the 100 meter backstroke by more than ten seconds (01:42.31 minutes).

The other participants of TSV Westerland (Anna-Sophie Tödtmann 2009, Chiara Ruge 2008, Hailey-Moreen Klusch 2007, Jil Vohsen 2009, Marlene Maier 2011, and Aiden-Alistair Klusch 2009) rounded off the excellent result of the TSV swimmer with good performances and personal bests. The swimming division thanked the board and the managing director of TSV Westerland, Stefan Reimers, as well as the Sylt ferry for their great support.

The swimmers of TSV Westerland were represented in large numbers at the Danish International Swim Cup in Esbjerg. Photo: private.