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Badminton: Successful end of the year for TSV Westerland

At the last state ranking tournament of the year, which took place last weekend in Satrup, the best badminton youth players from Schleswig-Holstein met once again to play out the state winners in singles, doubles and mixed.

Due to some illness-related absences, TSV Westerland unfortunately only started with a decimated team of five participants. However, they all offered excellent performances, even if this time it was not enough for a title.

On Saturday morning, a quartet from Sylt left early for the mainland to compete in the singles. The tournament was very well attended with over 100 participants and since athletes from Lower Saxony, Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania and Hamburg also took part, the level was correspondingly high.

The successful participants:
(back, from left) Jannis Dorow and Domink Matejka, (front, from left) Nola Bayerlein, Alea Doßmann and Lana Krull

Therefore, the Sylt already had some tough nuts to crack in the first round games. Only Jannis Dorow started wide awake in the U17 age group (AK U17) and was able to win his opening match. To make matters worse, Dominik Matejka had to retire due to injury after his first game in the U13 age group.

Nola Bayerlein was very unlucky in the U13 age group and lost in three sets after a great fight. She narrowly missed the big surprise against the third seed. After three more victories, she finally finished ninth.

After two defeats and two victories against the strong opponents in the AK U15, Lana Krull was satisfied with tenth place and was able to gain a lot of experience again. Jannis Dorow missed the sensation that day. In the thrilling semi-final match he lost 28:26, 12:21, 18:21, but was able to win the only individual medal for TSV Westerland on this day with third place.

On Sunday, the winners were played in doubles and initially in mixed. To the great delight of coach Torsten Lickfers, this day should bring some medals for the Sylt bat acrobats.

Surprisingly, Lana Krull, together with Kalle Kupzig from PSV Rostock, was able to take a sensational second place in the Mixed U15. The two stood together on the record for the first time, quickly found each other as a team and harmonized excellently. The silver medal was the best result of the weekend for TSV Westerland.

Nola Bayerlein in fifth place and Alea Doßmann in sixth place also played well in the U15 mixed. Jannis Dorow and his partner Alina Wolf from TSV Munkbrarup had some bad luck in the AK U17 on this day and did not act with the necessary consistency. After winning the last state tournament to the great surprise, this time they were only an ungrateful fourth.

In doubles, the islanders performed excellently again and rounded off the good performance this weekend with three bronze medals. Nola Bayerlein (with Fiona Berndsen from Schleswig 09) in the U13 group as well as the Sylt duo Lana Krull and Alea Doßmann in the U15 group and Jannis Dorow (with Nils Stähle from TSV Großsolt) in the U19 group made it onto the podium.