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Summer party with javelin throwing and streetball

While club sports have been in full swing again since the summer holidays and the competitions in the individual sports are also taking place again, TSV Westerland invited to the big summer party at the Sjipwai on Friday, 02 September.

Numerous members had come to the facility at the clubhouse to spend a few convivial hours with coffee, cake, bratwurst and potato salad. Of course, if you wanted, you could also get active in sports. The youngest let off steam in the bouncy castle. Despite sweaty temperatures, the Zumba group under the direction of Crissie Mölck-Schnittgard also brought some spectators to join in.

District champion shows javelin throwing

This time, the volleyball division had set up its field on the grass and at a safe distance from it, javelin thrower Sascha Schlesier, who had become district champion in his age group O35 just a few days ago with a distance of 48.60 meters, showed young and old how to handle the long, pointed sports equipment.

Somewhat hidden in the back of the facility, the streetball players can now also go on the hunt for points. Numerous supporters and sponsors* have done their part to ensure that all basketball enthusiasts can now emulate their NBA idols at TSV, which was used abundantly this afternoon.

On two partition walls, the association also provided information about the two major projects that will keep the association busy for the foreseeable future. In addition to the long-running Multipark, this is now also the renovation of the clubhouse. “We welcome the municipality’s decision to give the green light for the first construction phase of the Multipark,” said Hans Wilhelm Hansen. However, the first chairman also pointed out that, in his estimation, it may take another five years before this part and the associated skate park will be built.

Hoping for the Sylt Stadium

Only then will the planned athletics facility be tackled. “This is a waiting period for our sport that we don’t actually have. That’s why I hope that we can at least stay at the Sylt Stadium until then, even if the conditions there have not been ideal for some time,” Hansen said, looking to the future.

For the renovation of the clubhouse, Hansen hopes for support from within his own ranks. At the annual general meeting in June, he had already informed that the measure will cost around 40,000 euros, according to rough estimates. “We can cover this sum from the rental income of the youth home, but some members of the association have already approached me and offered their help. When I look at the great commitment with which our members have put together this year’s summer party, I am very optimistic that we will also get the clubhouse up and running again together,” says Hansen.

*The following companies and individuals have financially supported the construction of the streetball facility:

A2 Trading GmbH, Cornelia Becher, Dr. Rainer Bielke, Dr. Norbert Buhles, Susanne Cords, Elektro-Service Ekong-Grube, EVS, Eike Frese, Marc Graeve, Ilka Goldberg, Christoph Gondrom, Wolfgang & Inge Herdlitschke, Homestories, Holsteiner Kabel- und Leitungsbau, Peter Jacobsen, Stefanie Keller, Christiane Küker, Bärbel Lützen, Dr. Olaf Marten, Klaus-Peter Matthiesen, Harald Momsen, Walter & Brigitte Niemann, Grete Nissen, Nord-Dekor, Jörg Orth, Perspektive Sylt-Sport, Christina Reinsch, Jens-Peter Sievers, Dietmar Sporer, Steuerberater Michael Hippke, Sylt Finanz Jürgen Kamp, Erwin Szameit, Tischlerei Sneikus, Barbara Unger, Christel Welz, Ulrich Wenning, Werner Wippermann, Kemal Yildiz, Björn Zimmermann, Birgit Zaubel