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Successful 6th Badminton Summer Camp

For 25 children and young people from the north of Schleswig-Holstein, including eight people from Sylt, the first week of the summer holidays this year was sporty: At the sixth edition of our badminton summer camp, the young athletes trained the fast-paced game of badminton under the guidance of prominent coaches, such as three-time German champion Ina Voigt.

Together with the A-coaches Roluf Schröder, Patrick Maier, B-coach Bjarne Reese and TSV coach Torsten Lickfers as well as with the support of the training assistants Marisol Schnittgard and Pia Hamann, she showed the kids the correct handling of rackets and badminton over the seven days and gave tips on how forehand, backhand and Co. work most effectively. Divided into a beginner and an advanced group, training took place every day from morning to evening. Of course, fun and a sense of community were always in the foreground.

To ensure that arms and legs remained fit after such long days of training, sports physiotherapist Heiko Wolf was on board and the group, who spent the night in the clubhouse of TSV Westerland, was lovingly cared for by the kitchen fairy Brigitte Wolf. Entertainment in between was provided by the extensive leisure program from regular barbecues to an archery course with the kind support of the Youksakka Bow & Funcompany to a sun-drenched beach visit.

The participants liked the latter best – with the exception of badminton training, of course. The kids were able to prove their results on the last day with a big tournament, which was won by Jannis Dorow and Arthur Werner, both from TSV Westerland, among the advanced riders.

We’ll be posting more photos and video clips here soon, so feel free to check back soon!