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Demo for the Multipark

Whether and when the construction of the Multipark Sylt can finally begin must now be decided by the Schleswig Administrative Court. How could it come to this, even though politicians voted unanimously “yes”, the building permit has been obtained, municipal funds are available, six-figure donations have been collected, plans are in place and countless paid and volunteer hours have been invested? The answer is quite simple: because a small number of residents who live nearby, have a second home or rent out are of the opinion that the planned Multipark is a noise nuisance and a potential source of vandalism and have therefore filed a lawsuit.

Often, the public discourse is primarily about the planned skate park, which, however, accounts for only about 15% of the Multipark and is to finally become reality as the first construction phase. This overlooks the fact that the stadium, which is in a pitiful condition, is to become a contemporary and modern multi-sports facility: football, athletics, school sports, beach volleyball, basketball, parcour and bouldering are also planned in addition to roller sports. Initiators, supporters and beneficiaries of the project are by far not only the skate club, but also, for example, the youth center Sylt, the TSV Westerland, the schools of the island, the youth worker, our local council, all donors and many other people and institutions.

Planning has been underway for six years now. Not counting the decades that the first surfers on Sylt advertised for a skate park. Even a noise barrier is planned for the sensitive ears of the residents. Frankly, that alone is grotesque. No one who has experienced the colorful, sporty and respectful coexistence at a concrete skate park even once in their life would claim that this is a serious noise nuisance. A sports facility with a noise barrier? This is only available on Sylt! Do the residents really want to initiate an endless chain of processes that will delay the start of construction for years, even though solutions have emerged during discussions? Do we want to continue to watch as offers for young people disappear into thin air? Is this project, which is unique in Germany, irrelevant for both residents and tourism? Do we always want to talk about lighthouse projects instead of finally implementing one?


That is why we ask all friends, supporters and donors to take a clear stand together that we now want the Multipark in the Syltstadion. We need you! The Multipark needs you! Meeting point: Saturday, 26.03., 3.00 p.m., at Multipark Sylt!

Municipality of Sylt
TSV Westerland/ Sylt e.V.
Youth Centre Sylt
Gesa Osmers (Commissioner for the Affairs of the Multipark at the Sylt School Centre)
Youth welfare worker Holger Bünte
Skateboarding Sylt e.V.



Mar 26 2022




Multipark Sylt
Stranddistelweg 333B, Westerland