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27th Sturgeon Cup in Itzehoe

On Saturday, 4 March, 14 swimmers from TSV Westerland took the first car train to Itzehoe to take part in the local Störpokal. A total of 572 swimmers from 31 clubs (Lower Saxony, Hamburg and Schleswig-Holstein) competed in the 27th edition of this competition.

The swimming team of TSV Westerland

In the 50-meter distances, eleven-year-olds Lennart Guetari (born in 2011), Leni Klukas (born in 2011) and Chiara Ruge (born in 2008) competed in the four-man competition. The swimmers had to prove their versatility in all swimming positions. Lennart took 5th place with 823 points; Leni with 1,096 points and Chiara with 1,097 points each took 3rd place in their age groups.

Frida Guetari (born in 2013) swam three personal bests in the 50-meter breaststroke, backstroke and freestyle. Vasilisa Khramkov (born in 2012) started five times, swam the 100 meter freestyle in a personal best time (01:26.24 min) and only had to admit defeat to a swimmer from Lübeck. Marlene Maier, Ella Raspe, Anna-Sophie Tödtmann, Cynthia Lüpkes, Jil Vohsen, Karolina Wahnes, Hailey-Moreen Klusch and the brothers Momme and Lasse Reichardt completed the 50-meter breaststroke, backstroke and freestyle. The 100-meter course and the 400-meter freestyle were also swam.

With many personal bests and good placings in their luggage, the swimmers and their coaches then drove back to the island with the last car train.